Our fishing company, was founded in 1998. We were inspired by our favorite hobby, fishing and love of nature. We began to develop and recruit in our range of products of world famous manufacturers. All our friendly staff are anglers. All our free time we spend on fishing. Thus, we have the opportunity to test new gear and baits, and then share our knowledge with others. The opinion of other anglers is important for us. Communication, and the experience of other anglers, help us acquire more knowledge in fishing. All these factors pushed us to create our own brand.

In 2015, we registered the trademark "HITFISH". The motto of our company is the production of high quality goods, at an affordable price. Six months later, we released our first products. In our experience, we understood that one of the main roles in fishing is, of course, the elements of rigging. They should be reliable and not fail at the most crucial moment. Based on our own experience and the wish of our friends of anglers, we released the most successful models of rigging. After our first products received approval and positive feedback, we thought about expanding our range, hooks for spinning rigs. The most popular model of the hook, turned out the offset hook BH Offset. For this model, we created an increased eyelet, for a more free bait game on a hinged snap. Thus, our company decided to create baits for our hooks and released a wide range of soft baits. All the goods produced by us, received a positive response from the fishermen. Now we have an impressive catalog of accessories, hooks, soft baits and continue to expand our product range under the brand name "HITFISH"